Fast Money: Government Contracting

Looking to make some fast money? With only a little bit of work upfront you could easily be working for the government and getting involved in government contracting. I can help you in a few easy steps.

1)      Locate some government contracts by looking in a local newspaper or searching online. You can do this by looking in legal notices for RFP or RFPs.

2)      Once you notice a RFP in your particular industry or occupation, you must then figure out how to get the bid documents, example: blueprints for construction bids.

3)      After you have the appropriate RFP documents, then you can begin constructing your public bid. Make sure to submit it before the deadline.

Once your bid is submitted, the government agency will look it over to make sure it’s accurate and reasonable. Typically whichever company bids the lowest will win the bidding war and the contract.

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